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"WE NEED TO TALK!" Not with Jane Fonda!

There was a bit of a kerfuffle when that all too eager chatterbox Megyn Kelly pestered our 79 year old Jane Fonda about - yes - her obvious facial "improvements". To be sure, Jane looks terrific, there were true masters (have you noticed that the plastic surgeons are mostly men?) at work on her iconic Fonda-face. And, obviously, she wants a different face than her "natural" one. She grew up in the limelight and the tendency to keep things kinda unchanged is a given among the famous females.
Now comes the good part, and I hope it sets off a copy-cat-fever in other women who are grilled like a suspect in a murder case. Jane beamed a laser-gaze from her very blue eyes right into Megyn's bland face and snapped,  
"Do we really want to talk about this now?"

A bit of Fashion.....


We Want Chic Clothes! Promo for PROJECT RUNWAY


The Day Sgt. Pepper marched into My Life...

Maybe it was even called "Beatles Day" when "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" finally arrived in the German record stores in 1967. (WHAT??? 50 Years ago?)  It was such a big event that we were like jittering kids who needed to be emotionally prepared for such excitement. In those days you didn't just get the newest records fresh off the press everywhere. No, we had to wait torturous weeks for them all: The Who, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Pink Floyd, the Stones, Bob Dylan, counting the days and weeks for their arrival. You could actually order records in your favorite record store while the lucky Brits and Americans already owned the treasures. The ritual for Beatles records was always the same. So, again, I stood in a long line in front of my fave store at 9 am, bought Sgt. Pepper and raced home as if on a mission, happily smiling in anticipation of the wonders waiting for me. This almost religious feeling of anticipation because of a pop-LP is probably inco…

GRAY IN L.A. - The UN-Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue for Seniors!

Is this ME? Nope, I hate orange!
"It's almost summer, I think it's time for the Torture-Chamber!" said my friend Gracie who is in her very late sixties (like me) in her most somber tone. Of course, she meant the dressing rooms in any store or boutique that carry bathing suits. We both kind of need a new one but with the worldwide fashion conspiracy against older women and their naked skin, we've been putting it off for years and swam in some plain old leotard without insane accoutrements- for good reasons. For one thing, modern "old-ladies" swimsuits are breathtakingly ugly and unsexy. (I have written about that sad topic of fashion-neglect for seniors many times 
Maybe the Army Look? Noooo, I'm not patriotic!
They come with ruffles, trimmings, little skirts and "tummy-control", industrial underwire and D-cups. I'd rather swim in a "burkini" than donn…