Thursday, February 23, 2017

GRAY IN L.A. "Don't Take it Personally!" - BUT I DO!

Photo: Eva Napp

**** Don't you just love it when people, friend or foe, are doing or saying something - and hastily add to it a, "Don't take that personally!" ****

I think I want to start a new Blog where I really really want to be totally controversial, confrontational, blunt, direct, "aggressive", attacking, frank, fresh, feisty, free, funny (oh, it's the "F" words again) - IN SHORT: Un-American! And I want to punch a hole in all the daily pretense and charades and empty phrases, failing to address REAL issues that burn up my energy. It might be the Trump-Blues, or it's just that Life's dark shadows are following me 

around, whispering questions into my ear, but I'm losing patience with a lot of things. Here's a phrase I keep hearing a lot lately from people I know well, even very close friends. I have two who are very busy, like we all are. I haven't seen either of them in many months. I know that's supposed to be just normal life, I'm supposed to find that fine. But their attempt at making this non-issue is an issue I have. They say: "Don't take it personally!"

I always kind of liked the phrase, "Lemme ask you this..." because it meant that a certain type of question was about to be asked. Even better was the, "Let me be devil's advocate here". Sure, go ahead, LOVE them both! And, of course, the most idiotic of all phrases: "Just out of curiosity..." Yes, indeed, questions are mostly 
connected to a certain curiosity, are they not? Therefore you don't have to say that, ok?
In this case I use all 3 phrases myself and ask the whole Universe: "How else do you want me to take it, if not personally?" And I would like to add: "If you don't want me to take it personally - could you please make an effort and do say something personally?"

I'm sensing a trend here and I think it's not healthy, even if it is understandable sometimes. People are incredibly stressed, they are afraid and worried, they don't want to get close anymore because that would mean opening their hearts and minds, showing emotions and doubts, pains and despair - therefore making them also vulnerable.

The point is, I LIKE to take things personally, I think it creates an interesting challenge and closeness and makes for lively, honest conversations that even lead to something - like discoveries about each other! I also not only like to take things personally, I like people to take ME and the things I do and say personally, because I'm a person who tries to be as personal as possible. Why? Because it gives me a soft, warm, emotional and personal feeling. It glosses over my insecurities and makes me feel like being "seen", recognized, something we all crave, no matter how silly that is.

Of course, there are things I definitely don't take personally or really don't care about one way or another. Like when a dog would try to bite me, or if the bus driver doesn't smile, or when a homeless let's down his pants in broad day light and starts peeing into the street - a daily sight in Hollywood. Nope, not taking any of that personally.

As for the rest. If you want to get a point across, need to throw in some criticism, have an ax to grind, have a real different opinion about explosive topics, don't say to me, "Don't take that personally!" Make it personally! It could be stimulating and wonderfully authentic. And I can take it. Really!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

GRAY IN L.A. Dreaming of Sharp Clothes in Korea!

Sitting in My California Garden

Why ME? You could always ask yourself that burning question several Times in your Life, but since I am a Woman with a high and favorable sense of Self, the answer to that question tends to be: Of course ME! Why NOT me? Yes, it's for Korea! Yes, I'm a Silver-Haired German Immigrant - tall, blue-eyed, and not in the least bit Asian in any shape or form, color or language. 

So what happened? A friend of mine was approached by a Korean TV-Station that had a thing with "SILVER SENIORS" - at least that's what I think the Story is....
REALLY Foreign languages (some might find German more than just "foreign"), which to me would be Chinese, Indian, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Farsi and KOREAN, can post a little bit of a problem when trying to get the more subtle points across to me. 
Why were they looking for "typical" American women, or more precise, typical L.A Women? Do they represent Something women in - let's say  - Oklahoma or Tennessee don't have? I don't know.

I understand that L.A. Women are a special breed, not just because Jim Morrison of the DOORS raved about them in an iconic Song, no, because I turned into one MYSELF.  A little bit against my will. You see, German or not, I once was a dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker, a gritty, pretty, unique, mind blowing City if there ever was one. Me & the City, we were an Item, in love, practically married, yet also having a tempestuous, passionate Affair at the same time.

Well, in any event, I'm not by Birth or upbringing an L.A Woman, just in Spirit. And that was and is enough for me - and apparently for the Koreans. So they picked me to complain to the Korean women and men from my classic age-group, which is, of course the BB (NOT Brigitte Bardot!) the BABY BOOMERS, about the Lack of cool Clothes in a Documentary. There are Millions and Millions of Boomers in the World - and they and us, and especially ME, want to really really dress smart, sharp, stylish, interesting, cutting edge, elegant, even witty - if they'd only let us!!

I'm lucky, I can sew and I DO. I'm not dependent on any old designers' misshapen Ideas about Clothes and the Old Girl. Not that we are in their prayers or Designs. Obviously NOT! So we have to do it ourselves, I guess. And being the Priestess of Old Chic (I'm totally bragging here just for FUN) and also being very talkative - to put it mildly - and a Writer, I was chosen among a few more Fabulous Females. I did a bit of a rant, among other things accusing famous Female Designers over 65 not to make Clothes for their OWN generation, which is indeed puzzling for me.

So the Korean Team came over to my fancy Art-Deco Landmark Building and shot part of that 2-hour Documentary that ran a few weeks ago on Korean Cable. I have absolutely NO Idea what they are saying in the Doc. All I know is My Opinion. And I think and hope that it rings true with you all, 

Here it is. Watch it!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

NO NEED TO BE FRENCH - How to Wear a Beret!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Fabulous Feminist calls for Fashion Rebellion

Monday, October 31, 2016

Silverella in Griffith Park

Sunday, October 30, 2016

GRAY IN L.A. ---- My Very Own La-La Land (Griffith Park)


One of my many many ideas - I suffer from CO (Creative Overload) since I'm a little Girl - was/is to introduce Los Angeles in cute and funny little Vignettes - and also share impromptu commentaries about Hot Button Topics with you. I think I'm made for this stuff - Don't you?

Of course, I will work on it more. I need to put my CHIN UP when I speak (of course, women are never happy with their appearance) and speak much slower. I always had a kind of slapstick kind of Body Language. 

This Day in GRIFFITH PARK and the OBSERVATORYwas wonderful. It's all about THE UNIVERSE, and STARS - very befitting for Hollywood - where I (unfortunately) live. My friend, photographer Beate Pilgreen, did beautiful photos INSIDE the Observatory...Magical I think...

The fabulous AFI FEST Presented by Audi is the premier Los Angeles Movie Event I think. Can you believe it's free to the public? Yes it is! You can get tickets! You might have to stand in line for the screenings, but since we have gorgeous weather most of the time, and are surrounded by usually very nice people (film-fans ARE nice by Nature!) - who cares?

So, the Lucky Ones will see a Los Angeles Love Letter Movie, named - of course, what else - LA LA LAND - and it's a Romantic Comedy/Musical with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone! They sing and dance and they hang out in my FAVORITE spot, The Griffith Observatory

So, since I feel very topical right now, here's a COLLECTION of some....PLUS a little vid:










CLOTHES:   Striped Dress "Ross" (14.99), Coat: "Forever 21" (24.99)

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Nasty Woman!

Do you always have to be so "political"? I've been asked a few times on facebook and also in person. Add to that the word "nasty" - I've been called that, too, of course - and we have - in my eyes - a rather attractive and strong package of female power: Political & Nasty. Just like Hillary.

Maybe the Trump Roadshow revved me up more than I already am at any time and pushed me into the arms of my all-time favorite topics: spirited rebellion, disobedience, provocation, defiance.  And if you do it right - one of the rewards will be an unintentional compliment by the likes of Donald Trump which is: "Nasty woman". Right on! Thank you! Delightful!

Actually, Hillary is in good company, and the list of "Nasty Women" with fire in their veins and revolution in their hearts is neither new nor that short, be it in fiction or real life. Artists like Frida Kahlo and Cindy Sherman?  "Nasty".  All the female singers from Joni and Beyonce to Pink and Annie to the fabulous jazz stars Aretha, Billie and Simone? "Nasty Women". So, this is a fact: Speaking Up IS political.

How important being "political" can be was very powerfully demonstrated by the Russian punk band and fierce and fearless provocateurs "Pussy Riot" (what are they up to these days?). They demanded attention to a political system that suppresses people by doing political satire. And they were willing to be incarcerated. Not a good thing?? Just the opposite. It was a beauty of courage and daring.

To be political, the chance to be political which means basically to consider yourself important enough to have a position and an opinion that has the power to change society, is a gift. Although I see it more as a simple human right.

I grew up in the late Sixties, and those were heady years of upheaval, rebellion and protest. We, the women, wanted something, with all our hearts. Change! And, looking back and looking at the present, it seems as if we actually have achieved some change in the end. Mostly, because we were "political" and many were willing to risk quite a lot for being heard and seen. 
(not me but I like the photo of Anna and Julika)

We had a saying: "the personal is political", meaning that whatever you do, whoever you are and everything that happens in your own four walls - child abuse, neglect, fights, Dad's chauvinism, Mom's drinking problem, but also inspirational teachers, good role models - has an effect, makes a ripple in the world - good or bad - and is therefore political.

Without courageous - make that political - women who secured the right to the women's vote, we wouldn't have the powerful political woman of the moment: Hillary Clinton. What if she hadn't decided as a young, serious and awkward woman with thick glasses that she wanted to be "political" - which meant nothing more than using her brain, not her tits in the name of progress? We wouldn't have had the "almost" first female president.

Fictitious Nasty Women are a favorite of mine. From "noir" Bad Girls to the "Troublesome Twos" Thelma & Louise. I have such strong revenge fantasies when I see the entire Chauvinist-Club of the world that I wish that the two legendary angry road warriors would pay Groper-in-Chief Trump (and the rest of his ilk) a visit and do their gutsy thing. 
I can only dream of what they would do to a guy who thinks nothing of "grabbing them by the pussy". A swift kick in the groin and mussing up his yellow hair is probably the kindest of their options I think.

Why is it that this 20-year-old feminist road caper was one of the biggest blockbusters in 1991? Because it put the finger right in the old wound: women in their (partly accepted) roles as Nobodies and targets for abuse and sexual advances. What was so satisfying about the movie was that it tried to reverse the passive and pliant woman (Trump's favorite targets) who offers no resistance to the crudest and even violent hassling. 

Finally enraged, the two spirited Besties - or shall we call them "Nasties" - introduced a new and rather effective way to put men in their place (one of them actually five feet under). It felt mighty good to shirk for once the shameful role of the whining poor victim.

I remember women applauding and jeering in the cinema when the two intrepid vagabonds shot the tires of that disgusting trucker jerk (come to think of it, he was like the Trump of the Asphalt). It was a triumphant day at the movies all right. Don't mess with "Nasty Women" who operate on pent up rage.

More than ever, it's the fearless spirit women should be looking for - sometimes asking where it all went. Let's bring it back and transport it into offices, colleges, and well, all the places where men and women converge

Be loud, be clear,  be strong, be explicit. Give 'em hell!! Don't be a doormat, be the one who slams the door! Right in the face of the Trumps of the world. It will be a welcome and beautiful noise! TIME FOR NASTY WOMEN! And for being "nastily political".
Sabine The Riveter