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New York, New York - Ready For The Silver Foxes?

Since I have my blog "Gray in LA" I've been checking out my surroundings and travels like an eagle-eyed inspector looking for clues and more than just 50 shades of gray. In Central Park I'm in New York, my old hometown, for which I still have passionate and romantic feelings like I had for my favorite boyfriend. 
Cities have certain colors, just like people, I think. So, coincidence or not, New York is definitely a steely, platinum, gray and silver city documented by all the great buildings from the Empire State and the Chrysler Building to the new WTC Memorial. Gleaming, cool, sleek! Strangely perfect for ladies of the gray persuasion. In Los Angeles, (on the right) one looks very different because it is an all soft and natural color-orgy in gold, white, green, dark pinks, flaming reds, avocado-greens, lemon-yellows (like some California hair) and Jacaranda- (a tree) purple. Whatever color - LA and NY are two absolutelyfabulous and fascinating cities - and I feel very bl…