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Silverella in Griffith Park


GRAY IN L.A. ---- My Very Own La-La Land (Griffith Park)


One of my many many ideas - I suffer from CO (Creative Overload) since I'm a little Girl - was/is to introduce Los Angeles in cute and funny little Vignettes - and also share impromptu commentaries about Hot Button Topics with you. I think I'm made for this stuff - Don't you?
Of course, I will work on it more. I need to put my CHIN UP when I speak (of course, women are never happy with their appearance) and speak much slower. I always had a kind of slapstick kind of Body Language. 
This Day in GRIFFITH PARK and the OBSERVATORYwas wonderful. It's all about THE UNIVERSE, and STARS - very befitting for Hollywood - where I (unfortunately) live. My friend, photographer Beate Pilgreen, did beautiful photos INSIDE the Observatory...Magical I think...
The fabulous AFI FEST Presented by Audi is the premier Los Angeles Movie Event I think. Can you believe it's free to the public? Yes it is! You can get tickets! You might have to stand in line fo…

GRAY IN L.A. - #MeToo, #YouToo #WeAllToo - Time to really get to work! And make it snappy!