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My New Best Job: Role Model!

Giverny (23) and Me
I assume that many of us grown-up Grayellas ask ourselves the question: What to do with all that you are and all that you know? Hide it, play it down, toss it aside as an insignificant byproduct of life with an expiration date? I say: No Way. We need rewards. Now that you've been on this frightening, horrible, magical, fascinating, beautiful planet for quite some time you have accumulated so much knowledge, experience and clever know-how that you burst at the seams. You want to give and share, enlighten and enrich. You could easily advice the rest of the young and silly world with much needed stuff. You would almost do it for free. Great! But does anybody give a hoot about you, the WOMAN WHO KNOWS? 

Does anybody listen? As a matter of fact - yes, some really do. And here come the beautiful news: Young women love older women! They sometimes look up to (some of) us, full of hope, eager to learn and to listen - and I for one am delighted, flattere…