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Cool Gray Cats in Silver Lake


Fashion Weeks for Fashion Geeks or REALITY BITES!

Me (on the right) and a friend in NYC in 1980 wearing 40s vintage
For a week now there is FASHION HELL going on in New York City, although they call it FASHION WEEK. I want to ignore it all because it sucks the energy out of me. So I'm trying, really. On one level it is easy because of what I see - which makes my eyes pop out and my jaw drop. Not because it's so overwhelmingly beautiful or inspiring or breathtaking, and how could it be if even someone as frighteningly untalented as Kanye West is wielding scissors - no, I'm pained and feel assaulted. But I'm still a little bit of a style-addict and a fashion plate. So, here I am sitting at my desk peeking into the huge fashion sections of the New York Times. Especially the men's fashion pages hold a special fascination for me. What the f#ck is going on? I don't get it. What is it with these young, skinny, unsmi…

David Bowie & Me - & Fake Gray Hair

Before this event, which I'd already put on FB, goes down in LA art-party-history as another evening of sweat, beer and tattoos, I want to mention something about what I think I will call the "Gray Hair Mystery"of this city. Part of this blog, not necessarily always the most important one - that would be boring - is life amongst the mostly non-gray Angelenos, being brought to you by either Nature or L'Oreal. But at this 95-degree heat-event at the very nice TASCHEN Gallery ( showing truly spectacular David Bowie (who I totally love!) photos (by Mick Rock) I officially started my personal gray-head-countdownI will occasionally do. What can I say? Mostly, there were some strange, ill-fitting outfits, too much naked skin, too manyugly high heels, a lot of big egos, and lots and lots of young people (between 20 and 35).
OK, this is what I'm driving at. How many gray-haired people did I see? About 8 at the most (there were a few hundred people),…