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CAREFUL! Sexy Silver Senior unleashed!

Photo: Beate Pilgreen
Old, Old, Old! There's always a lot of talk about old age combined with the word Sex-Appeal - or rather - that supposed lack of it - as if the two can't be together on the same page - or in life for that matter. If you are actually old, or as the more polite version goes, "older" (to which I always say" "older than what?"), there comes a point of enormous, happiness-inducing acceptance of that fact, that simply makes you smile wickedly and with a certain triumph. You nod your head in acknowledgement, without a shred of embarrassment or despair. "Yep, that's me", you say to the critical onlookers who always have something completely superfluous and uninspiring to blabber as if anybody has asked them - "any problems? If yes, get the f#ck out of my face and my life!"
The very idea of having to look "hot" and "sexy" around the clock ist really boring and tiresome for me. Sexiness is a state o…