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OUR DAILY SEXISM - Beware 'cause it's There!


DEAR YOUNG PEOPLE! Thank you for Marching! Letter from a former Street Fighting Girl

Letter from a former Street Fighting Girl

#TimesUp for Shaming, Blaming and Discrediting the Wisdom of Women over 50

Turning my Back on Ageism
I'm an old feminist, meaning I discovered my identity, my talents and my own importance in my own life when I was very young. It also dawned on me that therefore I would have to take responsibility for everything I do and say. In fact I wanted to! It was another important step towards victory and true independence. I didn't want help or sympathy, not approval or admiration from anybody. I wanted to be my own project, hand-crafted by me alone. Quite a lofty concept without a guarantee for success.
Luckily, I was a young woman in the 60s and 70s - so, time was on my side. Liberation and emancipation were in the air - and most women I knew threw themselves into that new battle with passion and a fair amount of fearlessness. Freedom beckoned, we were in love with it. We fought, we won some, we lost some, but we insisted; we grew impatient, yet we kept on questioning patriarchy and power structures, and also took a close look at ourselves! The fire fizzle…