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Advanced Adventure with Ari S.

Is there any woman who is interesting, old, or as we tend to say "older", colorfully and stylishly dressed - who doesn't know who Ari S. Cohen of "Advanced Style" and his truly original and wonderful work and websites is? I don't think so. I've been following him from day or week one while I was living for a while in Germany, and almost screamed "YES" when I saw his page for the first time. That had several reasons.
First of all, I'm an ex-New Yorker (lived there for 22 years) and everything that reminds me of that city is worth noticing, and Ari Seth is for me the ultimate New Yorker. No, make that, was. Like me, he's now an Angeleno. A very enthusiastic one! Anyway, secondly, I was exactly in that age group - so I felt personally discovered, addressed and understood. Could I maybe become the German female Ari S.? I thought, roaming the streets of Berlin, Hamburg and Munich in search of amazing older female species? Nope. Looking around…