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GRAY IN L.A. - The UN-Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue for Seniors!

Is this ME? Nope, I hate orange!
"It's almost summer, I think it's time for the Torture-Chamber!" said my friend Gracie who is in her very late sixties (like me) in her most somber tone. Of course, she meant the dressing rooms in any store or boutique that carry bathing suits. We both kind of need a new one but with the worldwide fashion conspiracy against older women and their naked skin, we've been putting it off for years and swam in some plain old leotard without insane accoutrements- for good reasons. For one thing, modern "old-ladies" swimsuits are breathtakingly ugly and unsexy. (I have written about that sad topic of fashion-neglect for seniors many times 
Maybe the Army Look? Noooo, I'm not patriotic!
They come with ruffles, trimmings, little skirts and "tummy-control", industrial underwire and D-cups. I'd rather swim in a "burkini" than donn…