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WHITE CHRISTMAS - Santa as Trendsetter

It's almost Christmas. I don't shop, I have no family in the States, I'm single, so I'm relaxed. But others are super-busy. So let me be brief for the last blog of the Year!

It will be pretty cold over the Holidays in Los Angeles which is nice in many ways because it sets free delicious visions of coats and stylish sweaters, fancy shawls and a glove here and there. But most of all it tickles the fantasy bone of a longing that simply must have something to do with childhood and lots and lots of Nordic fairy tales: Snow for Christmas!

I'm not immune to that kind of longing since I grew up in Germany where Christmases were white indeed very often. But I know it's not going to happen in LA. So what? We're grown-ups and the only white this Christmas will be on the heads of a lot of people - and that includes Santa Himself, the Mighty Maven of style - longish hair, beard and all. Come to think of it, naked, or let's say, in his Union Suit - which he is wearing…


We - the official Silver Sisters, Gray Goddesses, White-Heat-Hotties, Silverettas etc. do make fun of LA which is supposedly a gray-free zone as if not to shock its often all-embracing, but sometimes prejudiced residents with the cruel facts of aging. We got that, Thank You! The percentage of gray-haired women is probably as sky-high(JOKE) as the percentage of female directors or other women in power.  However, since going gray, after all an act of courage, somehow comes with a certain amount of feistiness and derring-do. So we will not be deterred.  
(left to right: Irene, Sabine, Victoria Marie, Peggy, Gloria, Emma) 

As it happened, Victoria Marie of the "Gray is the New Blonde" had the brilliant idea to get a few Gorgeous Gray heads together for Happy Hour and picked an amazing location here in Los Angeles. "The Edison",https://www.edisondowntown.comthe first Power Plant in LA (built 1910) with its enor…