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Movies, Movies, Movies!

I've spent a week in the darkness of movie theaters thanks to the fabulous AFI FEST (AFI is the American Film Institute) who organized its annual film festival in Hollywood's movie theaters. Being armed with a press badge I had the luxury of seeing up to 3 movies a day, until I stumbled out of the dark in a daze, only to be nearly blinded by the relentless California sun. There is something deliciously forbidden about going to the movies during the day.
The creative movie community of filmmakers, journalists, social media "experts" is mostly young, and if I were a timid, insecure older woman I could have felt like an outsider who had smuggled herself into a (self-proclaimed) hipster environment that should not be infiltrated by gray-haired females but left entirely to the young. But a lovely surprise happened. I've met quite a few very young writers and filmmakers who actually stroke up a conversation with me, and I, again,…