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GRAY IN L.A. Dreaming of Sharp Clothes in Korea!

Sitting in My California Garden
I understand that L.A. Women are a special breed, not just Jim Morrison of the DOORS raved about them in an iconic Song, no, because I turned into one MYSELF.  A little bit against my will. You see, German or not, I once was a dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker, a gritty, pretty, unique, mind blowing City if there ever was one. Me & the City, we were an Item, in love, practically married, yet also having a tempestuous, passionate Affair at the same time.
Well, in any event, I'm not by Birth or upbringing an L.A Woman, just in Spirit. And that was and is enough for me - and apparently for the Koreans. So they picked me to complain to the Korean women and men from my classic age-group, which is, of course the BB (NOT Brigitte Bardot!) the BABY BOOMERS, about the Lack of cool Clothesin a Documentary. There are Millions and Millions of Boomers in the World - and they and us, and especially ME, want to reall…

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