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Women behaving Badly. BOTOX-BITCHING!

I'm caught! Some eagle-eyed woman on Facebook saw right through my pretty fake-face-facade that I deviously posted. And I tried so hard to fool you all! But women sniff out secrets like badgers and don't let you get away with anything they don't approve of. 
Here's the deed: I posted this picture of me, saying no more than long hair are fun even if you are "older". And now it's BITCH-Time, people!

This is the "provocative" photo
I'm trying to be ironic here, the flabbergasted moment has passed, and this is therefore my announcement: NO, I don't have Botox and fillers in or on me whatsoever; I swear by the rather ample natural bosom of my Mom (which I didn't inherit, by the way). But the bitchy Botox-Accuser wasn't having any of it: "That's Botox and fillers. I'm in the beauty business for 18 years. 65+ without nothing? Just being photogenic and good nutrition? No way!" So it's not humanly possible to look natur…

MEN BEHAVING BADLY - Part I - Hollywood

Enough about me, I finally thought. What about others? Like men for example? I think most of us have a slight to medium curiosity about  celebrities, some are even obsessed star gazers. This being Hollywood, it's not all that surprising that you see them around. I never forgot Julia Roberts jogging through Runyon Canyon before she was married, and there were always the likes of Tori Spelling at "Starbucks" or "Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf", once Michael Stipe, the singer of the band REM, stared at me for a long time (I should have ordered him to my table) - but I've forgotten the rest of the famous folks. An Age-thing. All I can say is, famous people are usually incredibly badly dressed. They don't want attention, I guess. But in my book, really shoddy dressers cause double attention to themselves... But let's switch to the Hollywood Farmer's Market, a lovely institution, totally my turf, and also the place of this reprehensible manly behavior I will s…