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Home Alone for the Holidays - Sad or Wonderful?

Santa greeting me at UNION STATION
I will be alone for Christmas (and hopefully New Years Eve, too). "Oh, you poor lonely creature", some might think. And I did feel a tinge of sadness, too. But, "lucky you!" yelled a younger friend, a mother of several younger kids, a huge family and a husband - and I quickly saw it her way. Totally.  She's been running around in a frenzy for weeks, and her eyes glittered with sheer envy when I told her that I will be reading, writing, eating delicious foods, drinking champagne and thinking about the state of the world. (Which is dire and I won't have enough champagne to drink it away.) In short: I'm making Christmas totally mine, shape it, bend it, give it new meaning all to my taste! Well, if that isn't classic feminist living, freeing yourself from the role of an overworked family-servant - then I don't know what is.
Why am I alone? Does it say something about me or the times? Sure. I'm an immigrant, old, a…


The Future is Female - Really?
At the Women's March in Los Angeles 2017
There it was again, one of those earth-shaking not exactly new or surprising articles online. The AgeLab informed and promised older women like myself that the future will be female. Just like that. Yeah, no kidding? I'm listening. I'm waiting!