Saturday, January 30, 2016

CAREFUL! Sexy Silver Senior unleashed!

Photo: Beate Pilgreen

Old, Old, Old! There's always a lot of talk about old age combined with the word Sex-Appeal - or rather - that supposed lack of it - as if the two can't be together on the same page - or in life for that matter. If you are actually old, or as the more polite version goes, "older" (to which I always say" "older than what?"), there comes a point of enormous, happiness-inducing acceptance of that fact, that simply makes you smile wickedly and with a certain triumph. You nod your head in acknowledgement, without a shred of embarrassment or despair. "Yep, that's me", you say to the critical onlookers who always have something completely superfluous and uninspiring to blabber as if anybody has asked them - "any problems? If yes, get the f#ck out of my face and my life!"

The very idea of having to look "hot" and "sexy" around the clock ist really boring and tiresome for me. Sexiness is a state of mind not age. Some men get really hot under the collar when looking at my generation, like Helen Mirren who is, after all, 69 years old and I have 2 male friends who really think that Meryl Streep (66) is the sexiest creature around and that Susan Sarandon (69) can give an awful lot of desperate young wannabees a run for their money. So, sexiness, or the lack thereof, can't have something to do with whether a woman has sagging skin, a few charming wrinkles here and there, and gray hair or not.

OK, onto a recent line of events. So I have a new friend, the talented and fabulous "Boudoir" Photographer Beate Pilgreen 
To be honest, I didn't really know that genre very well and hadn't secretly dreamt about competing with Dita von Teese, a raven-haired "Burlesque"-queen who jumps in and out of large Martini glasses, scantily clad.

But here we were, discussing a possible shoot with me playing the silvery old sex-cat (kitten would be too much of an euphemism). Loved the idea. I'm all for fantasy, fun and sassiness. I'm pretty easygoing with undressing  - after all I'm European and a former hippie and model of the Sixties where clothes were optional. 

Before (1968)

But in this case total nudity was out; I thought that maybe I get away with net stockings, a little top, a black jacket, REAL high stilettos (which I borrowed from Beate, I don't own stuff like that!) and some fabric decorated around me. With it came red lips, too much mascara and natural hair, no big deal.

Photo: Beate Pilgreen

Beate and I had a blast. She is the perfect photographer, not intrusive, she doesn't shout: "Yes, smile! Great! Lift you Ass! More Tits!" like the narcissistic photogs in the movies, and I think we didn't have Disco-Music in the background. I posed on her velvety red couch like a brothel chick thinking that having done a bit of yoga and gymnastics for the last 35 years is really good for a lot of things.

The results were stunning if I may say so. We all have so many different faces, bodies and identities, and it's fun to let them out of prison once in a while. And since this is a blog about "empowerment" (how I love that expression :-)) that mixes worldly philosophies with a soupcon of advice from an experienced international toughie (that would be me) this is what I advise:
If you feel old, blue or boring, or if you feel adventurous and sassy, if you got rid of a man who wronged you, or have a new boyfriend, or want to suprise an old spouse who takes you for granted - or if there is just you, a playful woman of "a certain age", call Beate or just get undressed a bit in front of your iPhone.

Here a new piece I wrote for Huffpost50 in February - same story, different angles!!