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GRAY IN L.A..: Adventures With MEN

It's high time for a new post. I was just so terribly busy - with MEN. Probably not the way you think, or the way I hope. But men just the same.
Let me simplify. I am single and like it that way - although, as I have written here - at times I've had an attack of the dating bug, only to realize that interesting men my age are as rare as dog-owners who pick up their pets' poop in Hollywood, where I live.
But something interesting is going on, and I can't totally put my finger on it yet. Lately I have been the center  of attention and am practically showered with glances, smiles but also occasionally with inexplicably ardent admiration by a variety of very young and very old men.  Why me? A woman close to seventy? Am I really that charming and good-looking? Is it the clothes, maybe my hat? Don't know. So let me list my roster of admirers, starting with the bottom line (and the most baffling one).

1. On my way to CVS, an old, filthy gray-haired, b…