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GRAY IN L.A. Dreaming of Sharp Clothes in Korea!

Sitting in My California Garden

Why ME? You could always ask yourself that burning question several Times in your Life, but since I am a Woman with a high and favorable sense of Self, the answer to that question tends to be: Of course ME! Why NOT me? Yes, it's for Korea! Yes, I'm a Silver-Haired German Immigrant - tall, blue-eyed, and not in the least bit Asian in any shape or form, color or language. 
So what happened? A friend of mine was approached by a Korean TV-Station that had a thing with "SILVER SENIORS" - at least that's what I think the Story is.... REALLY Foreign languages (some might find German more than just "foreign"), which to me would be Chinese, Indian, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Farsi and KOREAN, can post a little bit of a problem when trying to get the more subtle points across to me.  Why were they looking for "typical" American women, or more precise, typical L.A Women? Do they repr…

NO NEED TO BE FRENCH - How to Wear a Beret!


Fabulous Feminist calls for Fashion Rebellion