We - the official Silver Sisters, Gray Goddesses, White-Heat-Hotties, Silverettas etc. do make fun of LA which is supposedly a gray-free zone as if not to shock its often all-embracing, but sometimes prejudiced residents with the cruel facts of aging. We got that, Thank You! The percentage of gray-haired women is probably as sky-high (JOKE) as the percentage of female directors or other women in power.  However, since going gray, after all an act of courage, somehow comes with a certain amount of feistiness and derring-do. So we will not be deterred.  

(left to right: Irene, Sabine, Victoria Marie, Peggy, Gloria, Emma) 

As it happened, Victoria Marie of the "Gray is the New Blonde" had the brilliant idea to get a few Gorgeous Gray heads together for Happy Hour and picked an amazing location here in Los Angeles. "The Edison", the first Power Plant in LA (built 1910) with its enormous cavern-like architecture, was a little bit too dark for my taste because I think that we have nothing to hide. Silver rules in all its glory in daytime, too!

So Gloria E. Morales, Victoria Marie, Irene Smallwood-Bosma, Emma Molina-ynequez, Peggy Reiki, Beate Pilgreen, the fabulous photographer and I met in the dark. Quite a challenge. Here's how we did it. Since the Ed is a HUGE place with fascinating hidden chambers, bars and captivating corners and we didn't agree on a special meeting point - me, Irene and Victoria Marie were looking for the gray gals, scanning the rooms. Nothing. Being the intrepid writer and curious journalist, I wouldn't give up and walked around until I saw some bright silvery heads on a couch. Boom!

And herewith I can tell you right now something I have noticed for a long time: Gray and Silver glows in the dark! And for all the women (there are too many) who are afraid that they might be overlooked at a "certain age" if they don't dye their hair a brassy, shrill  blonde or dark chocolate color - fear nor more. We are often the first that are being noticed wherever we go. People actually stare, young women (sometimes young men, too) squeal: "I love your hair!" Doormen open doors with an approving glance, bartenders (like here) smile at you charmingly. No, we are not the invisible Dowdy Debbies!! 

So, it was a lively group talking about this and that, how to raise awareness - no, I'm kidding - I can't stand that phrase, how to have fun, how throw caution to the wind, how to live life to the fullest, how to risk and challenge, how to be independent, and last not least, how to encourage women to "embrace" (another questionable phrase) their natural self.

Finally, we talked about our more or less beloved LA"How many gray-haired women have you ever seen here?" asked Victoria Marie who's is a typical New Yorker. We all had to admit: not that many which is very strange considering that the boomers are a HUGE age group. Is it the insane Hollywood youth obsession that covers LA's hair (men and women) with dark unnatural shades?  Have all the older people moved away? Are they hiding in their spectacular homes and only come out in the dark like Dracula?
Not us! We are here, we matter, and we will stay! And in this intimate fun-hour a trend for this city was born! GO GRAY LA! was the new mantra.  Please Follow that Trend!

Speaking of following: Please check out my new e-essay series on amazon. Food for thought and provocation!


  1. "Que Linda" means How Beautiful, it is also the name of our Boutique, along side our Spiritual Massage Studio, where both my daughter, Victoria Marie, (Not Victoria Marie; "Gray is the New Blonde" although just as beautiful and business minded) offer up our services, as a Life Coach and I, Reverend Emma a Healing Minister/Massage Therapist for over 20yrs.
    When I decided to allow my hair to go Gray, it was a natural choice, for in the circles of Women I hold workshops with, they saw it as a badge of honor and a sign of Wisdom. I am also a Shaman Healer; known as Lady Eagle Feather, and this made more sense to wear my hair, not only White/Gray but long...
    I Love my Hair, I love this Stage (not age) and I love the work I have been called to do. So to be a part of "Gray in L.A." makes sense to me, I am from Los Angeles, born and raised. To meet with other women who pioneer Gray in a New Way, naturaly I was drawn and excited to meet. When Victoria Marie of "Gray is the New Blonde" sent out the invitation, I was there, I was In and ready to
    talk about our stories. Sharing in this movement of acceptance of going Gray with dignity and grace.
    I found each one of the Silver Sisters to be beyond Beautiful, I saw them as amazing Souls.
    I am Blessed; Rev. Emma Molina-Ynequez of BodyNSoul Studio, La Crescenta.

  2. i decided to grow my silver out last summer when a handsome younger co-worker with early grey mentioned that i should go "silver fox" and since hennaing took way too much time, i decided to try it. well, guess what, i've never looked back - i have also never loved my hair this much before! it started curling and waving, glittering in the sun! another friend of mine (yet another handsome young man, ha!) told me twice already how much he loves my hair. funny, some women tell me i'm brave, but there's no courage here, just laziness mixed with self-acceptance. hurray for silver!


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